M-B Sprinter W903

M-B Sprinter W903

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M-B Sprinter W903 Mirror covers, fits to years 1997-2005 cars. Produced from chromed ABS-plastic.

99.00 / pair(s)

M-B Sprinter W903 Door handle covers, fits to years 1997-2005 cars8 pcs set is produced from stainless steel.

89.00 / Kit(s)

M-B Sprinter W903 Front grille trim, fits to years 2001-2005 cars. Produced from stainless steel.

99.00 / Kit(s)

M-B Sprinter W903 Hood bonnet deflectors, fits to years 2000-2006 cars. Produced from black ABS-plastic.


M-B Sprinter W903 Side window deflectors, fits to years 1997-2005 cars. Produced from plastic and smoky colored.

89.00 / pair(s)

M-B Sprinter W903 Sidewindow deflectors (glue to frame), fits to years 1997-2005 cars. Produced from plastic, mounting with two sided tape to door frame.

69.00 / pair(s)

M-B Sprinter W903 Sun-visor (shiny black), fits to years 1997-2005 cars. ABS-plastic and outside is shiny black.


M-B Sprinter W903 Sun-visor, fits to years 1997-2005 cars. Produced from cast acrylic and smoky colored.


Extra light rail (universal), 60mm stainless steel pipe. Fasteners to 3 extra lights. Universal, can use almost every car.


M-B Sprinter W903 Front guard (teeths), fits to years 2000-2006 cars. 60mm stainless steel.


M-B Sprinter W903 Side bars, fits to years 1997-2005 medium and long model cars. 76mm stainless steel.

359.00 / pair(s)

M-B Sprinter W903 Side steps (long), fits to years 1997-2005 long model cars(4025mm). 60mm stainless steel.

399.00 / pair(s)

Universal extra step pad which attach under the tail hook. This part fits to cars where is boltattached tailhook, hole spacing 90mm.


Universal extra tailstep pad, fits to cars where is boltattached tail hook, hole spacing 90mm.


Universal light rail to front roof, place for 4 extra lights. Mountable to many high roof vans and light trucks.


Universal light rail to backside of roof. Installable to many high roof vans and light trucks. 60mm stainless steel pipe.


M-B Sprinter W903 Alloy rims 16" Titanium, fits to years 1996-2006 cars. Size 6,5x16" ET60 bolt pattern 5x130.

549.00 / set(s)

M-B Sprinter w903 Alloy rims 18" BlackPolish, fits to years 1996-2005 cars. Size 8x18" ET55 bolt pattern 5x130.

749.00 / set(s)

Including 3 led's marker lights with 4m wire. Available yellow, red and bright coloredAvailable in yellow, red and bright color.