Installation points for our products.


Autohuolto Henytek Oy, Kortesjärvi

Located in Kortesjärvi in the same property with us. A reliable and professional AD car repair shop. Reservations for installation time either through us or directly from the number 0505311077. Also car maintenance and repairs from the same place.


AD-Autokorjaamo Autopalvelut Keronen, Joensuu
Professional car services in Joensuu.
Equipment, taxi equipment and alcohol locks for cars and vans.
Maintenance and repair work for all brands.

AD-Autopalvelut Keronen
Rahkeentie 10
80100 Joensuu
Tel. 0400 906 965

VE-HE Oy, Kuusamo
We are a quality-certified car body repair shop and paint shop in Kuusamo.
Our industry also includes car accessories.

Verontulentie 4
93600 Kuusamo
Tel. 0407361051


OptimoiAutosi Loimaa, Loimaa
A company operating in Loimaa specializing in car fixing, maintenance and repair as well as optimization services.

OptimoiAutosi Loimaa
Lamminkatu 23
32200 Loimaa
Tel. 0400585423


Juspen autohuolto, Lempäälä

Our company operates in Lempäälä in the Ideapark area. We specialize in equipping vans and commercial vehicles.

Maintenance and repair work for all brands.
Webasto repairs and installations for all brands.

Juspen autohuolto
Areenakatu 16
37560 Lempäälä
Tel. 0405373760


Unskan Autohuolto Oy, Viitasaari

Our company is a quality-certified AD car repair shop and Incar office operating in northern Central Finland. Our extensive service coverage includes e.g. car maintenance and repairs, bodywork and painting, and 24/7 towing service.

Unskan Autohuolto Oy
Mustasuontie 7
44500 Viitasaari
Tel. 014 572 730


PKP Ajoneuvotekniikka

We are a company focused on special equipment operating in Parola (next to Hämeenlinna). Accessory installations for vans, camper vans, special transport vehicles, special vehicles and RV accessories. See more at

PKP Ajoneuvotekniikka
Pajamiehentie 6 halli 3
13720 Parola
Tel. 0400 932 400


Danin Huolto & Rengas Oy

Danin Huolto & Rengas Oy has been operating in the industry for 20 years, so you can leave your car in professional hands without any worries. Danin Huolto & Rengas also operates at two different offices, of which the office in Porvoo near the center is focused on maintenance and repair, while the hall in Kerkkoo serves as a paint shop. Find out more at

Danin Huolto & Rengas Oy
Kirjaltajantie 7
06150 PORVOO
Tel. 019 523 1160



Lahden Autoasennus Oy

Lahden Autoasennus Oy is a Lahti based company focused on servicing and equipping cars, vans and SUVs.
We serve private and business customers with long experience and competent staff.

Lahden Autoasennus Oy
Hirsimetsäntie 10
15200 Lahti
Tel. 03-5898610