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Fiat Scudo EU-Front guard (Misutonida)

Product no.: 3315

Fiat Scudo EU-Front guard (Misutonida), fits to years 2007-2015 cars. EU-approved and 63mm stainless steel.


Fiat Scudo Side bars

Product no.: 3547

Fiat Scudo Side bars, fits to years 2007-2015 short and longs model cars. Produced from 63mm stainless steel.

490.00 / pair(s)

Fiat Scudo Aluminium/plastic side steps (Long)

Product no.: 1603

Fiat Scudo Aluminium/plastic side steps, fits to years 2007-2015 model carsSide steps width is 13 cm aluminium profil.

369.00 / pair(s)

Fiat Scudo Rear bumber protector

Product no.: 1385

Fiat Scudo Rear bumber protector, fits to years 2007-2015 cars. Produced from stainless steel.


Extra light rail (universal)

Product no.: 2952

Extra light rail (universal), 60mm stainless steel pipe. Fasteners to 3 extra lights. Universal, can use almost every car.


Led lights

Product no.: 3774

Including 3 led's marker lights with 4m wire. Available yellow, red and bright colored. Available in yellow, red and bright color.