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Product no.: 3597

200.00 / pair(s)


Product no.: 5616

290.00 / pair(s)

VW Caddy Rear bumber protector

Product no.: 5839

VW Caddy Rear bumber protector, fits to years 2004-2020 cars. Produced from stainless steel.


Ford Galaxy EU-Front guard (Cobra)

Product no.: 3515

Ford Galaxy EU-Front guard (Cobra), fits to years 2007-2015 cars. EU-approved and 48mm stainless steel


Mazda CX-5 EU-Front guard (Cobra)

Product no.: 4113

Mazda CX-5 EU-Front guard (Cobra), fits to years 2012-2017 cars. EU-approved and 60mm stainless steel.


New M-B W251 Fender trims

Product no.: 5188

M-B W251 Fender trims, fits to years 2006-2012 sedan and wagon cars. Produced from stainless steel.

119.00 / Kit(s)

Toyota Hiace Sun-visor

Product no.: 9999

Toyota Hiace Sun-visor, fits to years 1996-2013 cars. Produced from cast acrylic and smoky colored.