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ArmyTek Wizard C2 PRO XHP50.2, 2330lm

Product no.: 3478

ArmyTek Wizard C2 PRO XHP50.2, 2330lm Headlamp with Quicksnap attachment. USB magnetic charging plug. Clip and bicycle mount.

In stock

Night Rider Led-strip

Product no.: 4349

Night Rider Led strip. The familiar-looking scanner light from TV. Color red, length 60cm, fixing with double-sided tape.

39.00 / kit(s)
In stock

LED Bonnet light strip (white)

Product no.: 6283

White led light strip on the front edge of the hood, you can shorten the length on every few centimeters, length 180cm, voltage 11-15V.

25.00 / kit(s)
In stock