SL R129 1990-2001

SL R129 1990-2001

M-B R129 SL Tuning and chrome parts directly from the importer's warehouse.
        -Running boards, front grilles, body kitsspoilers-

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M-B R129 SL sport grille

Product no.: 5127

M-B R129 SL sport grille, suitable for 1990-2001 year models. The bottom of the grille is black with 3 rows of chrome ribs.

In stock

M-B R129 Door step cover with led lights 2-door models

Product no.: 5139

M-B R129 SL Door sills made of stainless steel with Mercedes-Benz text illuminated by LED lights. The color of the LEDs is blue.

129.00 / pair(s)

M-B R129 SL Chrome fender trims

Product no.: 4099

M-B R129 SL Chrome fender trims. Includes 4 pcs chrome trims, edge rubber seal and mounting screws.

119.00 / kit(s)
In stock

M-B R129 Bright Front Indicators

Product no.: 3114

M-B R129 Bright Front Indicators. Easy to change because the structure of the blinker is similar to the originals, as well as the plugs.

59.00 / pair(s)
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M-B R129 Dark side indicators with chrome frame

Product no.: 3113

M-B R129 SL Dark Side indicators with a chrome frame, E-approved. Includes a chrome bezel around the indicators.

49.00 / pair(s)
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M-B R129 Dark side indicators

Product no.: 1213

M-B R129 SL Dark Side indicators, indicators are E-approved, so no problems with inspection.

39.00 / pair(s)
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M-B R129 Side indicator chrome frames

Product no.: 5184

M-B R129 SL Side indicator chrome frames. Made of stainless steel. Installed between the side indicator and the fender.

19.00 / pair(s)
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